Breath Work To Find Balance

Breath Work To Find Balance

Patricia Afonso
Patricia Afonso
Jan 22nd 2022

This guest post is part of our Conscious Living content series and written by our friend Kat Farrants - Founder of Movement For Modern Life (MFML). Planty and MFML teamed up to help you explore more conscious food and movement choices to support more sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

How often do you think about the way you breathe? Probably not that often if at all! It’s a reflexive action we don't even have to think about - our breathing muscles just know to do it and get on with it. But the way we breathe has such an impact on our bodies in unimaginable ways. It can boost brain and immune function, calm the nervous system, feed our blood and bones, and ease anxious or stressful thoughts. It helps us to think clearly, sleep more deeply and cope with debilitating conditions. It’s therefore no surprise that the pandemic, which affects the lungs, has thrust breath work into the spotlight.


For millennia, yogis (among numerous other cultures) have known of the benefits of breathing only through the nose and controlled breath practices. And now science is backing it up. There’s so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start. This short class explores alternate nostril breath. This technique is great for relieving agitation, anxiety or insomnia and will offer a gentle lift if you’re low on energy. You should feel calm and balanced by the end, and it’s simple enough you can do it anywhere!

Movement for Modern Life has a 10 day breath work challenge which has been designed to help you master your breath so that in the trickiest, most challenging of situations, you have a lifelong tool to help you gain control of your body and emotions. This is perfect if you find it hard to relax, suffer from insomnia, have anxious feelings or need some energy.

Try the course for free with a free 14 day trial and 30% off your subscription forever. Use the code PLANTY when you sign up.

Patricia Afonso

Patricia Afonso

CMO at Planty

Patricia helps businesses, social ventures and individuals lead with greater clarity and resilience, so they can grow strategically. She's passionate about making a positive social impact and is also an EMCC-accredited Leadership Coach who helps people get more out of life. Food, nature and community keep her energized.

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