Our prices are changing

Our prices are changing

Ali Sheehan-Dare
Ali Sheehan-Dare
Nov 15th 2022

Over the past months, just like everyone, we have experienced a huge increase in the costs of fresh ingredients, transport, packaging and even bills as the market became more unstable. We have tried to battle through this, however, we have now made the difficult choice to increase some of our prices in order for us to keep operating.

Despite the rising inflation and increasing costs in the past years, this will be the first price increase since Planty was created just over 3 years ago. We are aware that this might bring on more challenges, but this change allows us to maintain the great quality of our food and to keep our packaging as sustainable as possible.

On a positive note, although the prices for our boxes of 9-12 meals are increasing, we are able to decrease the price for our boxes of 6-8 meals. Also, we are still able to keep the price of our larger boxes lower than even some larger competitors.

As a small business, this step is necessary for us to keep operating and we are confident and grateful that we can continue cooking delicious plant-based food for you. Still cheaper. Still the best quality. Still the best flavours.

New pricing

The pricing brackets for our meals are staying the same. However, you can find the new pricing for each in the following table:

Current subscription pricing New subscription pricing
6-8 meals: £6.70 per meal 6-8 meals: £6.50 per meal
9-11 meals: £5.75 per meal 9-11 meals: £5.90 per meal
12 meals: £4.95 per meal 12 meals: £5.65 per meal

As always, you have full control over your subscription, so you can:

  • Change how often your order arrives, getting a delivery less frequently if needed
  • You can also push back your next delivery at any point, even by just a few days if needed!
  • Lower or increase the number of meals in your selection to fit a different price bracket.

When will this change take effect on my subscription?

Any queued deliveries which have not yet been paid for will keep their current price. After this, the new pricing will apply to any future charges.

You can find your queued deliveries and their price by going to your account, selecting your active subscription, and then “See deliveries” in the “Deliver to” section.

Thank you so much for your support throughout our journey and growth here at Planty. We are excited to see where this next step takes us and hope you will enjoy our new delicious projects coming soon.

As always, please feel free to drop us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions!

Thank you for your support, The Planty team

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Ali Sheehan-Dare

Ali Sheehan-Dare

Co-founder of Planty

Co-founder of Planty. Science lover. Tech enthusiast. Fan of plant-based food. Fascinated by how eating more plants can positively impact the world we live in.

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