Sitting Down A Lot? Try These Quick Moves To Relieve The Body

Sitting Down A Lot? Try These Quick Moves To Relieve The Body

Patricia Afonso
Patricia Afonso
Jan 29th 2022

This guest post is part of our Conscious Living content series and written by our friend Kat Farrants - Founder of Movement For Modern Life (MFML). Planty and MFML teamed up to help you explore more conscious food and movement choices to support more sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

How many hours a day do you spend sitting down? How much time do you spend moving your body? There’s no doubt that working from home has changed our lives in many ways; but it’s likely you’re spending even more time sitting than you did when at the office. Walking to the printer, popping out to get lunch, climbing flights of stairs to grab a coffee are all micro-exercises which get us out of our chair, which may no longer form part of our day.


Extended periods of sitting down can affect our posture, weaken muscles, impact digestion and metabolism, and simply make us feel sluggish. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to move our body regularly. If you’re still working from home, it’s super easy to move from your desk to the floor to counteract all that sitting. Why not have a mat rolled out behind your chair and set a timer so you take a break every 30 minutes to move?

This short yoga class is perfect if you spend lots of time sitting down to help release tight hips - it only takes six minutes!

If you enjoyed this class and want to take your yoga practice to the next level, check out the Yoga for Beginners course from Movement for Modern Life. This easy to follow progressive four-week course has four friendly yoga teachers to take you through all the yoga basics including breathing, foundation poses, meditation and relaxation.

By the end of our course you will be ready to flow confidently with your friends and gain the lifelong benefits that yoga has to offer. Access the course with a free 14 day trial and 30% off forever with the code PLANTY.

Patricia Afonso

Patricia Afonso

CMO at Planty

Patricia helps businesses, social ventures and individuals lead with greater clarity and resilience, so they can grow strategically. She's passionate about making a positive social impact and is also an EMCC-accredited Leadership Coach who helps people get more out of life. Food, nature and community keep her energized.

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