World Wildlife Day. Let's celebrate the beauty of our planet 🌎

Patricia Afonso
Mar 25th 2021

Together, we hope this Wildlife Edition will bring you joy and inspire your creativity. The box can be opened up as a colouring canvas - a fun mindful activity for both kids and adults!

Caro is as passionate about living more sustainably and protecting the environment which has motivated her collaboration with us and inspired her work on our iconic Planty box. Just like us, she believes that adopting a predominantly plant-based diet is the more thoughtful option for a better future for everyone - humans and animals alike.

We hope you enjoy the box as much as we have, and to see what you make of it. Planty is here to make eating more sustainably easy and exciting!

Please share your creations via email ( or using on social media for a chance to feature on our feed too!

Happy Colouring 💚

Patricia Afonso


Enthusiast-at-large and passionate about making a positive social impact, Patricia helps social ventures and individuals grow strategically and sustainably – while finding joy in the process too. Food, nature and community make her heart sing.

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