Yoga You Can Squeeze Into Your Day

Yoga You Can Squeeze Into Your Day

Patricia Afonso
Patricia Afonso
Jan 16th 2022

__This guest post is part of our Conscious Living content series and written by our friend Kat Farrants - Founder of Movement For Modern Life (MFML). Planty and MFML teamed up to help you explore more conscious food and movement choices to support more sustainable and healthier lifestyles. __

Finding time to get to a yoga class can be the biggest barrier to creating a regular movement practice. All too often, things crop up or plans change and the first thing to go out of the window is exercise, mostly. Committing to a daily class can seem even more daunting; now the world is opening up again post-pandemic, it can feel like our to-do list is never ending. However, just 10 minutes of yoga a day is far more manageable, beneficial and easier to build into your routine than trying to fit it all into one hour, once a week.


Have you ever tried habit tacking? It’s a simple concept where you create a new habit by tacking it onto the back of another one. For example, you clean your teeth every morning, so you could squeeze in your yoga practice straight after you’ve put your toothbrush down. It sounds simple and it is! Give it a go with this short yoga class which gives you options to play with as you move through a simple flow.

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If you have the time, you may wish to tag the short meditation meditation from last week.

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Patricia Afonso

Patricia Afonso

CMO at Planty

Patricia helps businesses, social ventures and individuals lead with greater clarity and resilience, so they can grow strategically. She's passionate about making a positive social impact and is also an EMCC-accredited Leadership Coach who helps people get more out of life. Food, nature and community keep her energized.

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