Feeding Britain - Partnership

Ali Sheehan-Dare
Mar 25th 2021

By donating £5 per 10-meal subscription service from Planty, we aim to help some of the UK’s most financially vulnerable families alongside educating those on how easy and nutritious vegan meals can be. The £5 donation will help support those struggling to not just feed their family with vegan food, but to also aid in electricity, gas and any other bills for essentials.

National Director of Feeding Britain, Andrew Forsey, says: “This incredibly generous offer from Planty will massively enhance our ability to continue supporting families in the months ahead.”

Feeding Britain is a charity that has been supporting low-income households since 2015. They work with partners as diverse as food banks and local community food organisations, politicians and companies, to make sure hunger becomes a thing of the past.

Ali Sheehan-Dare

Co-founder of Planty

Co-founder of Planty. Science lover. Tech enthusiast. Fan of plant-based food. Fascinated by how eating more plants can positively impact the world we live in.

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