Making Friday Green

Making Friday Green

Ali Sheehan-Dare
Ali Sheehan-Dare
Nov 26th 2020

We are excited to have partnered with FoodCycle: a nationwide charity turning surplus food into nutritious meals, with the aim of reducing food waste, food poverty, and tackling social isolation.

Today, as a consumer, we can choose to make a positive impact with the food we eat and the sustainable initiatives we support. It makes sense to take some responsibility by opting for initiatives that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

At Planty, we are committed to making it easier for people to make better food choices and to also play our part by making Friday Green. This year we will be donating 50% of our profits on all purchases made between Friday 27th of November and Monday 30th of November to Foodcycle.

FoodCycle Partnership

In the current challenging climate, we are looking forward to supporting FoodCycle in helping improve the lives of people at risk of food poverty and social isolation. We hope to encourage more businesses to join this movement of promoting sustainable initiatives, switching to better alternatives and to help build a Green Friday.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, FoodCycle has had to quickly adapt to delivering food parcels and has now moved to providing a “Cook and Collect” takeaway service. To help fight social isolation and feelings of loneliness, they’ve also launched a “Check-in and Chat” service, where their volunteers call guests for a weekly chat.

Since 2009, FoodCycle has rescued over 425,000 kg of surplus food, the equivalent of over 1 million meals, and now serves over 1,500 guests. You can find out more about FoodCycle’s impact and their projects here. Their service is open to everyone - from low-income families and people affected by homelessness, to those who cannot afford to buy food.


Today, our customers eat thousands of Planty meals every month. This gives us thousands of opportunities to positively impact the environment and our customers’ lives across the UK. We will be partnering with a number of other UK charities to donate any surplus food over the next few months and drive food donations with additional projects over winter.

We are always looking at ways we can improve ourselves and our products, so don’t hesitate to contact us at with any ideas. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, but if you do manage to find one, tell us about that too - we’d be interested to know.

Make Friday Green

Ali Sheehan-Dare

Ali Sheehan-Dare

Co-founder of Planty

Co-founder of Planty. Science lover. Tech enthusiast. Fan of plant-based food. Fascinated by how eating more plants can positively impact the world we live in.

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