Protecting People From Hunger With Feeding Britain

Protecting People From Hunger With Feeding Britain

Patricia Afonso
Patricia Afonso
Dec 31st 2021

Veganuary is a good time to reflect on how you can contribute to a more sustainable future for everyone through the food you eat. Thanks to more conscious food choices, you can make a positive impact that benefits you, the planet, and everyone else on it.

This January, we're renewing our partnership with Feeding Britain and donating 50% of our profits to this charity to help them protect people from hunger in the UK.⁠

Feeding britain x Planty

Feeding Britain works alongside regional partners to develop and model innovative solutions and projects that improve emergency food aid, strengthen safety nets for those vulnerable to food poverty, and move beyond a crisis response.

By helping them provide meals and support to those in need, we hope to make a real difference to communities across the country and are proud to support their vision of a UK where no one goes hungry.

Join us for a more sustainable future for everyone. For you, the planet, and the other beings on it.

Find out more on the Feeding Britain website, including how you can get involved or donate directly. ⁠

Feeding Britain Food Bank

Patricia Afonso

Patricia Afonso

CMO at Planty

Patricia helps businesses, social ventures and individuals lead with greater clarity and resilience, so they can grow strategically. She's passionate about making a positive social impact and is also an EMCC-accredited Leadership Coach who helps people get more out of life. Food, nature and community keep her energized.

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