Christmas Leftover Sandwich (but make it plant-based)

Christmas Leftover Sandwich (but make it plant-based)

Joe Lovell
Joe Lovell
Dec 24th 2021

This plant-based sandwich doesn't just satisfy the mouth, it's also there to help you avoid throwing away any food after Christmas. ⁠


Don't have all the ingredients listed below? Your Xmas Leftover sandwich can be done in so many other ways. Get creative with what you have at hand.

Ingredients 🗒 - feeds 1 hungry vegan

2 thick slices of bread (preferably fresh)

30g grated cheese

4 Slices of vegan meat

50g Plant-based stuffing

Sliced red cabbage

1tbsp Cranberry chutney or and other chutney

1tbsp Vegan mayonnaise + for dipping


  1. Heat up a frying pan on a medium to low heat & butter both sides of the bread

  2. Add the buttered bread slices into the pan. Once the first side is golden brown, flip over and do the same with the other side. Add the grated cheese over the top of each slice and flip over again

  3. While the cheese is melting for the topping, on one side pile the sliced meat, stuffing and red cabbage. On the other side spread the chutney and mayo

  4. Stack the slice with the chutney and mayo on top of the meat slices to make a sandwich.

Turn the heat down, add a heavyweight on top of the sandwich to compress it. Remove from the pan, slice in half and serve with some mayo or left over gravy

⁠ Enjoy! Happy Boxing Day Squad 💚⁠ ⁠

xmas sarnie

Joe Lovell

Joe Lovell

Head Chef & Development at Planty

Joe is fully immersed in UK food culture, inspiring his staff with his crazy energy and sense of humor. With a Michelin star background - having worked hundreds of hours in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchens, including the well-known Petrus restaurant - Joe is now Planty’s Head Chef & Development, helping to create a better way for people to switch to eating more plants

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