Tempeh Wellington with crispy new potatoes & creamed spinach ❤️

Tempeh Wellington with crispy new potatoes & creamed spinach ❤️

Joe Lovell
Joe Lovell
Feb 2nd 2022

When love is in the air 💕 Here is the perfect dinner to make your special one feel truly special

Tempeh Wellington with crispy new potatoes & creamed spinach


📝 Ingredients:

  • 200g tempeh (preferably the round log works better)
  • 200g rolled puff pastry
  • 4tbsp soy sauce
  • ½ tsp garlic granules
  • ½ tsp cumin powder
  • ½ tsp cracked black pepper
  • 3 vegan sausages
  • Splash soya milk


  • New potatoes

  • 30g Sunflower oil

  • Thyme springs

  • Pinch Salt

  • Pinch black Pepper

  • 150g Baby Spinach

  • 150ml Cream

  • 20ml white miso

  • 100ml water

  • 10g nutritional yeast

  • Pinch Nutmeg

  • Sprinkle Chives

🧑‍🍳 Method:

  1. Preheat the oven to 190c gas mark 5.
  2. Add the pan onto a high heat with oil, add in the tempeh and brown on all sides. Cool down on a plate.
  3. add the tempeh log into a small seal proof bag. Add inside the soy, garlic, cumin and black pepper. Carefully poke some holes around the tempeh with a fork for a better marinade. Seal the bag tight so the sauce covers all sides. Leave for 10 minutes or until needed.
  4. Add the pastry onto a flat surface (save ¼ pastry). remove the sausage casing from the outside. Mix the sausage meat together in a bowl. Flatten the meat on top of the pastry into a rectangular shape. - you want to cover it enough so all sides of the tempeh is covered.
  5. place the tempeh on top & in the middle of the pastry and sausage meat. Wrap the pastry over the tempeh and roll out into a log. Secure the two pastry ends by pinching them together.
  6. Place the Wellington on the parchment paper. Place the remaining pastry on a board and cut strips out. lay them over the wellington to create a lattice.
  7. Brush with soya milk and add it to the oven for 35 minutes.
  8. Add the new potatoes in a pot of cold water with salt. Bring to the boil. Once boiling for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and let it cool down in the water.
  9. Once the potatoes are cooked through, Add the potatoes into a frying pan with sunflower oil, smash the potato down with a spoon just to break it slightly. Add thyme sprigs and season. Fry the potatoes off each side on a medium heat till they become golden and crisp. Add more oil if it looks dry.
  10. Boil the kettle and add the spinach in a colander. Pour the boiling water over the spinach for it to wilt. Let it cool down in the colander and then squeeze the access water out.
  11. Add the cream, miso and water into a small pan with nutmeg and seasoning. Bring the cream to the boil and add the spinach in. mix well to warm up the spinach. Remove from the heat.
  12. Once the veg is cooked. Serve the potatoes with the spinach. Remove the tempeh Wellington from the oven. slice the ends off, then cut in half.
  13. Serve with some remaining cream sauce over the top.
  14. Happy partner :)


Joe Lovell

Joe Lovell

Head Chef & Development at Planty

Joe is fully immersed in UK food culture, inspiring his staff with his crazy energy and sense of humor. With a Michelin star background - having worked hundreds of hours in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchens, including the well-known Petrus restaurant - Joe is now Planty’s Head Chef & Development, helping to create a better way for people to switch to eating more plants

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